Morning Links (11/8)


The Hawks hit the road to take on the Blues tonight (second cousins' trip?), eager to put Sunday's meltdown behind them. Coach Q forgives, but doesn't forget. Q put the lines in a dryer at yesterday's practice and Frolik ended up on the Toews line, and Carcillo tumbled out back with the Kaner Experience. This means a temporary breakup of 36 mafia, which has played its way into a guest spot on The Walking Dead the past few games. Bickell will pick out a suit, but Bolland might look to his left and right and assume that he's really the one in Le Chateau Bow-wow. Keith returns to the lineup paired with Seabrook, thank Jebus. There's nothing better for getting over losing to a current rival than giving an old one what fer. Let's. Go. Hawks.

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