Morning Links (12/22)

On Tuesday I virtually guaranteed Morin would bring you out of your seat, but in two games, Morin has spent most of the time in his on the bench. Well, I'll take my medicine on this one, but I stubbornly maintain that Morin does all of the little things well. His legs are still a beat or two behind his hands, and it appears as though he is already out of time with Q, who has him sculling on the fourth line.

Morin has been rightfully buried due to Brunette's chemistry with the top line and the recent emergence of Stalberg, who has been hotter than Bon Jovi's second album. One also can't help but applaud Bickell's effort of late. He has clearly stepped up his physical game and was +2 and earned a goal and assist last night against the Habs.

There was a lot to like about Crow's return from the magic bus. The main thing that Razor did that Crawford did not was better control his rebounds, denying net-crashers easy tap-ins and extra scoring chances. When Crow was struggling, children were giving him midway tokens to jump up and down on his pads. But there was none of that last night.

Good times.

Please to enjoy your victorious morning links...