Morning Links - (12/26)

Daily Blackhawks news and other hockey notables.

  • Game previews for tonight's tilt against the Columbus "detritivore" Blue Jackets. [] [Tribune] [CSN] [Cheer The Anthem]
  • The Blackhawks lead the League, but they're looking to improve. [Tribune]
  • The next month's schedule might be rough, might be an opportunity to show of which stuff this team is made. [CSN]
  • Rogers thinks play is trending up. [ESPN]
  • I'm not quite ready to say that Corey Crawford is back to playing "well", but here's the requisite "Controversy? No, two good goalies isn't a controversy." article. [CSN]
  • Duncan Keith and Sean O'Donnell spent time in the pediatric ward of Evanston Hospital on Christmas Eve. [CSN]
  • Speaking of heartwarming stories: Funeral burgers. [PD]
  • Nice to be sitting firmly in the top eight and not struggling like some of these unexpectedly poor teams. [CSN]
  • Icehogs round-up. [Third Man In]
  • Canada and the U.S. headline B Group at the World Junior Championship. [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • Since we had a Team Canada Junior preview last time, here's the the US, the Czech Republic, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Slovakia, and Latvia. [Puck Worlds]
  • ESPN didn't include one hockey player in its tribute to athletes who died in 2011. Here's a list and a reminder. [BroadstreetHockey]