Morning Links - (12/30)

Daily Blackhawks news and other hockey notables.

  • Previews for the first of six against Detroit. [] [Tribune]
  • The first match-up against Detroit since that season finale, and as Hawks/Scum games always are, it's going to be a sight. [Tribune] [CSN] [ESPN] [Sun-TImes]
  • Patrick Kane will be back at center, line shuffling continues. [Tribune] [CSN]
  • Jimmy Hayes is incredibly jazzed about his call-up. [CSN]
  • File under things that I'm not crazy about: the Hawks are still talking about the officiating during the Kings game. [ESPN]
  • Do we dare discuss the surging Viktor Stalberg? [Sun-Times] [Cheer the Anthem]
  • Cheer the Anthem's round-table weighs in on everything. [Cheer the Anthem]
  • The Blue Jackets might finally be ready to blow it up. [The Cannon]
  • WJC: Canada beat Denmark 10-2, Russia shut out Latvia 14-0. [Globe&Mail, Hockey Canada]
  • Angela Ruggiero, one of the best lady hockey players on earth, retired. [ESPN]
  • A look at the testing for a mid-game possible concussion. [the Score]