Morning Links 3/22

Reaction:[Hawks] [Trib] [SunTimes] [DH] [TSN] [ESPN] [SI] [THMI] [HockeeNight] [CTA] [FOX]

So is turnabout, fair play? [PD]

A different view of things from out west: [Province]

A Costly Blow: [CSN] [Trib] [ESPN]

Pretty sure there isn't one? [SunTimes]

He may be good at hockey but he was oblivious of this: [NHL]

Stick tap to Sauce Hockey and keep fighting Jabs....This video is awesome [Sauce]

Last night while in Section 325 I witnessed a 20 something wearing jorts challenge Alex Burrows to a fight. I promptly collapsed into my seat with my head in my hands at such a ridiculous sight...Come on really?