Morning Links 4/17

Game #3: [Trib] [ST] [NHL] [INDHN]

Looking to take control: [Fox]

Here are the Black Aces including Brandon Saad: [Hawks]

Toews returning to form: [CSN]

Momentum: [Hawks]

Shaw ruling Delayed [Trib] [ST] [CSN]

Bicks wants to build off a solid Game 2 [CSN]

Seebs loves the playoffs [Trib] [DH]

Hawks up the passion in Game 2 so says Konroyd:[CSN]

United Center Playoff Primer: [ROD]

Physicality reigns supreme; [Sportsnet]

Whats up with the crazyness in the playoffs: [GnM] [Trib]

NHL selling the hate [Sportsnet]

5 stories from "Fallout" Monday: [CBC]

Raffi Torres had no idea [ST]

Cream of the crop [DH] [Trib]

You knew this was coming:[Sportsnet]