Morning Links 4/19

Game 4: [TRIB] [CSN] [INDHN] [CBS] [TSN] [FOX]

The future could be now for Brandon Saad: [CSN] [TRIB] [DH] [Blackhawk Up] [HAWKS]

A great piece on hockey by Haugh(I know, right?) Winning is the best revenge[TRIB]

This is madness: [WSCR] [ST] [CS]

Interview with Morin [3MI]

Konroyd: Where do we go from here: [CSN]

Not for everyone: [WSCR]

No Remorse [ST]

The Obvious [NHL]

Muzz's thoughts on suspensions [DH]

Seriously people grow up: [ESPN]

Progressive Grapes? [PD]

Hockey's biggest Punk: [Sportsnet.Ca]

Kris Draper says the NHL is getting too dangerous: [Sportsnet]

Kerry Fraser says the refs blew the call: [TSN]

Big props to everyone that participated in the comment boards yesterday..It was a great forum for everything that we were feeling and I know for me it helped alot!