Morning Links 4/24

Time for Cottage: (Hawks) (ST) (Trib) (TSN) (SN) (DH) (CSN) (GnM) (RnD) (AzR)

Torres helped to swing the momentum: (ST)

Behind the scenes at the Torres hearing:(DGB)

Smith:(Trib) (ST)

Detour (CTA)

Cimaglia's take: (Fox)

Until we meet again: (Fifth Feather)

Where were you: (Trib)

Core: (ESPN)

2 years in a row 1 and done; (CSN)

For what its worth: (DH)

Microcosm: (ESPN)

Hayes and the questionable hit; (SN)

The Rats!! (GnM)

Hank and the tin foil hat club: (PD)

Selke finalists annouced: (GnM)