Morning Links 5/15

Block is back with a new episode of Puck Chatter: (TMI)

Cheer the Anthem's review of Johnny Oduya: (CTA)

When will all be right in BlackHawkLand: (Fox)

Some suggestions for Patrick Kane: (RND)

Kaner causing consternation in sports media: (PD)

It's up to him:(DH)

Fred Mitchell talks to a former professional Athlete/professional drinker:(Trib)

Rangers up 1-0 (NYT)

LA's top line is tough: (LAT)

The Beer Vendors at Staples Center are going to make bank this weekend: (PD)

Dale Hunter just wants to go home:(GnM)

Nikita Filatov just wants to stay home: (TSN)

Seriously NBC4? (PD)