Morning Links 9/11

Player Evaluation: Bryan Bickell:(IHN)

Rangers Executives are optimistic:(TSN)

Is Steve Fehr the Savior:(SPN)

NHL teams will lose money and that's how it will be:(PD)


The NHLPA tries to use provincial governments to block the lockout:(TSN)

Which pisses off the owners:(CBC)

Toronto Sun Columnist starts an interesting debate:(TSUN)

A pissed off Irishman:(PD)

Chris Hansen reaches a deal with the Seattle City Council to build an new NBA/NHL ready Stadium:(ST)

2012 HomeGrown Power Rankings :(CBS)

Down Goes Brown reviews NHL 13:(DGB)

Today is my last set of links..My Alaskan Road Trip beckons and I will do my best to get in as much trouble in Vancouver on the way back (short of flipping a car), Its been a blast and an honor to present the news on Tuesdays and Thursdays. ~Joe~