Morning Links - (9/30)

We should hear today what kind of disciplinary action Brendan Smith faces after his blatantly uncool hit and subsequent hearing. Whatever the decision, the important thing is that Ben Smith heals soon and doesn't suffer any sort of real lasting damage. This is his second concussion.

  • Injury report. Stalberg, Smith, and Bolland. [Sun-Times] [Trib]
  • For the fans screaming for blood right after the hit, Q says there wasn't much they could do by way of retribution. [Sun-Times]
  • A couple of Hawks weigh in on the difficulty of judging one's own hits. [Sun-Times]
  • Stan thinks Shanahan's off to a good start. [Trib]
  • TTMI previews the Captain. [Third Man In]
  • Patrick Kane's on twitter now, inexplicably hanging out with pop-country singers/CW actors. [CSNChicago]
  • Blackhawks Down Low provides a handy translation guide for the PR dilutions of his tweets. [BHDL]
  • Drew Doughty is living in mansions and Benz's giving ends to his friends and it feels stupendous. [PD]
  • Shanahan is going to look at fighting. [CBC]