My 4th Star: Blackhawks vs. Blues

After clinching the Central Division, there was some concern that the Hawks might start to take their collective foot off the gas, but the Hawks were able to get 2 goals and 2 points against the Blows. They tried to take the Hawks off their game with their usual physicality and general ass-hat behav

I think whomever picks the 3 stars dropped the ball for today's game on the third star of the game, so I am going to right a wrong and recognize a player who showed why he is a boss every time he steps onto the ice. It was more than his nail in the coffin goal off of a beautiful set face-off win from his captain.

I'm Marian Hossa and You're not was on full display today, and Panda imposed his will numerous times onto the Blues, and somehow was over-looked for the third star and it was given to Brian Elliott. Elliott had a good game stopping 24 of 26 shots but Hossa was on another level and put the game away by being in perfect position and synchronization with his captain.

About 5:45 into the second period, the Blues had the puck deep in the Hawks zone, they moved the puck back to Jay Bouwmester, then out of nowhere Hossa came in and poked the puck away out into the neutral zone. The puck carried down the ice and Bouwmester seemed to think he had the puck, Hossa was again able to dip in at the last second, lift Bouwmester's stick, slide the puck between Bouwmester's legs, cut back across the ice and take it hard to the net where he was turned away by Elliott. Toews was almost able to pounce on the juicy rebound but Pietreangelo was able to get his stick in the way and get rid of the threat.

With 13 minutes gone in the second and at the end of another futile power-play, the Blackhawks had the puck deep in the Blues zone. Hossa recognized that the power-play was expiring and took the puck hard to the net where Stalberg and Saad where hovering. The ref lost sight of the puck because Elliott never had it covered but it's an example of good things happening when you take the puck hard to the net. The Blues try to punish the Hawks with physical play and Hossa was able to shove that right back in their faces. He wasn't rewarded on either of these play but his hockey karma came through in the end.

Toews and Hossa set up for that goal and it worked perfectly. There's not much more to say about it. You have one of the best face-off men in the league and one of the best finishers who was finally able to beat Elliott and put the Blues down for the count. Toews took the draw against McDonald and he might of well been taking it against a tomato. He beat him cleanly and right back to Hossa who was set up right outside the circle directly behind Toews and fired a one-timer through Elliott's legs.

Hawks are back at it again against the surging Stars... yeah, even though they traded away pretty much all talent they are somehow still fighting for a playoff spot.