My 4th Star Blackhawks vs. Canucks

With most of the focus of last night's game on Hansen's hit on Hossa, I wanted to take a little time to take a look at a guy who stepped up pretty big last night and helped the Hawks defeat the Canucks. There were a lot of possibilities from last night's game and Greg pointed out a few i

Michael Rozsival.

Yup, Michael Rozsival. I know he took a bad hooking penalty late in the game but he stepped up and filled in some pretty big shoes last night with Seabrook being out. He certainly performed a lot better than Brookbank.

Rozsival showed his size last night with a few quality hits when it looked like the Blackhawks d was going to get out maned all night. Rozsival made smart plays with the puck in his own zone, even willing to hold on to the puck for the extra half second and absorbing a hit to clear the puck.

Rozsival also showed good vision when he intercepted a Canuck pass and moved the puck up to Patrick Kane who was able to find Sharpie for a goal.

Rozsival stepped up and while you could tell the d corp wasn't the same minus Seabrook last night, Rozsival took on the added minutes and brought a needed level of physicality to last nights game. Hopefully biscuit will be back on Friday and Brookbank can take a seat in the press box. But if Seabrook is out again Friday I do feel a little more comfortable with Rozsival back there.

Honorable Mentions: Stalberg and Saad