My 4th Star: Blackhawks vs. Predators

"Why don't you have a seat and tell me what you're doing here tonight? Well your chat log doesn't seem so innocent." Sorry, anytime the Hawks play the Predators, Chris Hansen is the only thing that runs through my head. Anyways, here is your 4th star for the second victory in a

I'm rather excited about this 4th star because I don't think it's someone I've used so far this year, and normally that's just because he is one of the top 3. He also happens to be in the running for the Hart trophy, in my opinion, but most think it's already locked up for Sid the Kid, who's not much of a kid anymore and with all of his injuries (most just bad luck) he probably isn't feel too much like a kid either. Back to our 4th star, and in case you haven't figured it out it's our favorite little rascal Patrick Kane.

And it's pretty obvious if you watched the game why he is definitely last night's 4th star. Midway through the third period with the game all knotted up at threes or the Foley way of saying it, which I'm not exactly sure how to write, Andrew Shaw dumped the puck into the Predators zone and peeled off for a change with the rest of his line mates leaving Kaner on a 1 v. 3 puck battle behind the Pekka Rinne.

Kane made a great play lifting the stick of Jonathon Blum, collected the puck while spinning around to see the best captain in the NHL coming in on the change. Toews said he fought his instinct when he fired what ended up being the game winning goal, saying that he first thought of going back door to Saad but instead took the shot. Toews even joked that Kaner's play should be the headline of the game because "You don't see that too often".

Patrick Kane was rewarded with his second point of the night when he scored the empty netter on a solid from Saad. Saad could of had the goal but passed over to Kane for his 20th goal of the season. Kane is one of three Blackhawks all time to score 20 goals in 6 straight seasons. And how's Ryan Miller doin? Anyone still wanting that trade?

Hawks play Shea's estranged d-partner tomorrow night with the rest of the Wild. Let's keep this streak a rollin' with another W.