New SPG Update and New Rule

So we're well into the game now - and we've got two guys battling for first place. Chrome and MikeVanAcker are now neck and neck but don't rule out anyone in the top 10. All you need is one good game to make up some ground. This team certainly doesn't make it easy to pick winners though since it seems like there's a new goal scorer every night.

chrome 40 points
MikeVanAcker 40 points
Tobo 29 points
ChicoMaki 29 points
jfbrens 22 points
chinesebeatle 22 points
martini 20 points
delorean80 19 points
Donuts 19 points
swenny916 17 points

As for the new rule - here are the results of the poll we had last week:


So starting with tomorrow's game - in order for your points to count you can only pick the "Will Not Happen" option ONCE PER GAME.  I'm going to be a dick about it too so if tomorrow you still pick WNH for all goals and penalties I'm not going to count ANY of your points for that game.

So just to be clear - if you pick it more than once... ALLpoints you get that game are discredited.  So don't do it.  Consider this fair warning.  I'll post reminders in the game preview for the next few games just in case. I'll be keeping my own file of points for the game too that I'll post up here every week or so.

Good luck all.