This Blackhawks NFL jersey design kinda makes me wish they played football

A great NHL sweater makes for a great NFL jersey.

The Chicago Blackhawks have one of the best sweaters in the NHL. The black, white, and red, plus a flourish of color with the logo, makes for a combination that’s stood the test of time. And, based on these dope designs of NFL jerseys based on each NHL team from Jimmy Nutini, they’d look pretty sweet on the gridiron, too.

These are extremely good. I tend to like the Bears’ classic designs, so it’s not like the Chicago NFL franchise is in desperate need of a new splash of paint. But if the Blackhawks just happened to get sick of playing hockey and decided to become a barnstorming football squad (with, uh, Nike sponsorship), we can know confidently now that they’d look extremely good doing it.

You should check out the rest of the 30 mock ups from Nutini because they’re pretty great, and a hat tip to Pete Blackburn of FOX Sports for uncovering these gems.