Second City Hockey’s 2017-18 NHL standings predictions

Well, at least one of us picked the Blackhawks.

The 2017-18 NHL season starts for a few teams on Wednesday, then the Blackhawks get things started against the defending champion Penguins on Thursday. We’ve already posted our award predictions, and will have our team predictions coming soon, too.

But because we’re nice and want to give the world as many reasons to yell at us as possible, we’re also posting standings and Stanley Cup predictions. This season feels as challenging as ever to make confident picks given the way parity has taken hold of the league. There are teams I predicted to finish sixth in the division that could conceivably finish first or second.

That’s where the NHL is at these days, as most teams are grouped up in a “pretty good” section without a ton of teams that are outright terrible or amazing. The Blackhawks probably fit into that middle group, as only one of our writers picked Chicago to win the Central.





Stanley Cup Final

Carolyn comin’ in hot!!!!!