Niklas Hjalmarsson and Marcus Kruger play the Best Friends Box

They aren’t very good at it.

The Chicago Blackhawks have a number of Swedes on their team this year, but two of them have been around a bit longer than everyone else: Niklas Hjalmarsson and Marcus Kruger.

When the Hawks drafted Kruger in 2009, Hjalmarsson had pretty much made the NHL. It didn’t take Kruger long to join him, though, and now, they’re in the midst of playing their sixth season together.

What better time than to see just how well they know each other? That’s what they did in the Best Friends Box, a game in which Hjalmarsson tries to see just how well he knows Kruger.

... It goes poorly.

Considering Hjalmarsson’s own hair situation, I’m not sure if it was entirely fair to ask him about what kind of product Kruger would use! Hjalmarsson did have a good point on that last question, though.

Probably the best moment? Neither of them knew what a “pet peeve” actually was; it must’ve gotten lost in translation, but both of their answers are pretty hilarious.