No Longer A Plea, But An Order

I've wanted to do this for a couple days, but now I've got the time to do so.  A couple months back i asked for all of us to maintain some civility in the comments, and I think the time has come to reiterate that.  But I'm no longer asking, I'm telling.  And it's not the visitors from other sites that I feel are getting mistreated, but some of our loyal readers.  I've gotten too many emails from people who will no longer comment because they feel they are getting shouted down by some self-appointed gate-keepers.  I, and the other two of the triumvirate, simply will not stand for this place becoming Bleed Cubbie Blue, where 10 commenters shoo away anyone else who even suggest a different opinion.  I won't mention any names, but I think you know who you are.  As long as they are not trolls who have just come here to say "suck" and "fuck you" four times each, everyone is entitled to write what they want.  And you're free to argue with them.  I've met a lot of you, and you're all far too intelligent to get into some pissing contest.  Lively debate is welcome and encouraged, but we'd like to have it from as many sources as possible.  So please, don't dismiss someone's thoughts simply because you don't see them comment a lot.  You wanna do that?  Al Yellon will be happy to have you.