No Regrets, Coyotes: Yotes at Hawks Preview/Thread/Free Jazz Freakout

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GAMETIME: 7:30pm
Howl From The Other Side: Five For Howling

I doubt anyone thought this would be the biggest game of the year when the schedule was released. And yet, that's what it's become. In my mind, a regulation win tonight will go a long way to ending the discussion of the West's top seed. Two points up with two games in hand on the Yotes would be massive, especially when you consider that A) the Yotes have already won nine in a row and don't figure to keep up that pace and B) Phoenix's schedule after this is brutal and ours is not so much. Plus, does anyone trust the Sharks to get it together any time soon?

I pride myself on being able to tell you something about the opposition. I want to explain the system they run and why it works or doesn't, or players who make the team go. But I wave the white flag with the Yotes. I don't get it. Neither do you. Yes, Bryzgalov has been outstanding this year. Yes, Dave Tippett is a hell of a coach, and they stick to his system rigidly. But I keep coming back to the fact that you could argue there are 8 Coyotes having career years right now, and it basically boils down to extreme luck. Throw in the fact they are the league leaders in OT and Shootout wins, and the luck factor becomes even more obvious. Think 2005 White Sox.

For me, it still comes down to what the Hawks do.  It's time to cut the bullshit, fellas.  The Hawks got their game going last year with 11 to go, finishing 8-2-1.  Well, that's where we are now.  Enough of the laziness from the forwards in our zone.  It's time to get back into shooting lines and winning all the battles along the boards.  No more letting d-men traipse on down to the crease unattended to bat home loose pucks.  Solid passing through the neutral zone, and correct decisions with the puck at the other blue line.  There's plenty of time to round everything into shape, and it has to start now.

Oh, and get the fucking power play into shape.  The Hawks lone goal with the man-advantage in recent memory came from Hossa on the point.  Whatever gets him out there with Kane and Toews is fine by me, so keep trying it.  The Hawks will need at least one power play goal to get past this team.

With 11 games to go last year, Patrick Sharp returned from injury, and the Hawks proceeded find wins against the Kings, Sharks, and Devils. The time is now.

If you're not headed to the game, get your Indian....RIGHT HERE!