Now the fun really starts..

So now that we're finally done with that pesky 82-game preseason, it's time to stock up on beer, tell your loved ones you might not see them again til June and secure all those illegal feeds of games.

We'll be (hopefully) kicking things into high gear around here with lots of looks at the Flames, why we should be excited about it and a few reasons we should be scared of them.

First things though - Congratulations to our first ever Pick SPG winner, Mike Van Acker. Mike ended up running away with the competition even after we disallowed the WNH option. Here are the final top 10 standings:

MikeVanAcker 95 points
chrome 63 points
Donuts 57 points
martini 55 points
Kevin 53 points
chinesebeatle 52 points
Mike 49 points
delorean80 48 points
LittleK 43 points
ChicoMaki 39 points

Thanks to everyone who played this year - I'm pretty sure they're erasing the stats and starting over again for the playoffs so if you want to sign up - do it. I don't know if we'll have a prize but I'll see if I can come up with something good.

Sometime in the last few weeks we actually did end up taking over 2nd place for the most number of people congrats to all of us.

Thursday seems like it's so far away now, doesn't it?