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Number Munchers

Number Munchers: Examining the Blackhawks numbers in the King era

We’re 27 games into the King era. How do the numbers look since the coaching change?

Number Munchers: Quantifying the Blackhawks’ dreadful start

An 0-2-1 start looks even worse when stats get involved.

Numbers Munchers: Recapping the 2021 Blackhawks team performance

It’s not pretty, folks.

Blackhawks’ 6-1-3 run sits on a shaky foundation

It’s fun — but it’s also not something that lends itself to long-term success.

Number Munchers: Revisiting Blackhawks’ 2019-20 regular season performance

Forgotten about the statistical details of the ‘19-20 Blackhawks? We’re here to help.

Can the Blackhawks sustain their recent success?

Chicago has won 12 of its last 18 games. We examine if that’s a sign of things to come.

Number Munchers: Spooky statistics from Blackhawks’ dreadful October

We take a deeper dive into the numbers from Chicago’s 3-6-2 start.

Breaking down the Blackhawks’ trends in shot rates, goal differential

Chicago has dropped in both categories during the last few seasons.

Examining the Blackhawks’ microscopic playoff hopes in this week’s ‘Number Munchers’

Chicago’s odds have gone from "razor-thin" to "virtually impossible."

Number Munchers: Analyzing Expected Goals for the Blackhawks

Chicago is scoring more than expected, right on pace with calculations and less than what the data predicts.

Checking shot percentage trends in ‘Number Munchers’

After a statistically abnormal 2017-18 season, have some of Chicago’s stars bounced back?

Examining the 2018-19 Blackhawks PDO in this week’s ‘Number Munchers’

Our second edition of this series looks into the data involving team shot and save percentages

Introducing Second City Hockey’s ‘Number Munchers’ series

We take a deeper dive into the Blackhawks numbers as we unveil the newest series here at SCH.