Odd and crazy trade rumor out there

I've been hearing some of the rumors for the past 24 hours about the Blackhawks and the Senators possibly making a big trade, but mostly I figured it was just talk and probably would not happen, and now RotoWire is reporting on a variation of the rumor:

Update: The Blawkhawks are rumored to be in talks to trade Khabibulin in a three-way deal with the Senators and Kings, the Ottawa Sun reports.

Recommendation: It would be a monster of a deal. The Blackhawks would send Khabibulin and Cam Barker or Brian Seabrook to the Senators, Ottawa would ship Martin Gerber and Andrej Meszaros to Los Angeles and the Kings would dish Anze Kopitar to Chicago.

First of all, Rotowire, it's Brent Seabrook. Secondly, this just seems like it's a little too out there to be true. The Kings willing to trade someone like Kopitar? Seems unlikely right now, and I still don't think the Hawks are really interested in trading Seabrook. This seems like a made-up rumor by someone and I don't think it has a prayer in coming true.