Of course the Blackhawks are hockey's "most watchable" team

The Sporting News says the Blackhawks are hockey's most "watchable" team. We happen to 100% TOTALLY AGREE.

We're running out of days to spend talking about things other than actual hockey, but over at The Sporting News, they ranked the 30 NHL teams according to "TV watchability" this week. Surprise, surprise: the Blackhawks finish No. 1, and the explanations from Sean Gentile and Dimitri Filipovic aren't exactly piping hot takes.

Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are good. We know this. Brandon Saad is going to keep improving, though, and Brad Richards, old or not, should make Kane even more interesting. The jerseys are great. Also, maybe Teuvo Teuravainen makes the team. Oh, how we can hope!

Gentile actually ranked the Hawks second behind Dallas, but we're not going to defend that ludicrousness here. Benn-Seguin-Nichushkin-Spezza-Roussel is a pretty sweet top-five to throw out every night, but we'll happily take our Toews-Kane-Hossa-Sharp-Saad and go on our merry way.

As for the Blackhawks' actual entertainment value, it's not a coincidence that the team's fan base has ballooned so rapidly over the past few years. Winning is one thing, but pounding teams with a fast-paced, aesthetically pleasing style can only better serve the fans. The NHL is trying to get everyone to score more goals, after all.

And last but not least, I wasn't joking before when I proudly called the Blackhawks "the most attractive team in professional sports" on Twitter. If watchability includes things beyond being good at winning hockey games, then clearly the Hawks earn bonus points there.

They're not just here to win games, they're here to steal your hearts.


A+ would watch again.