Ok, Starting Now: Hawks at Wild Preview/Thread/Garden Party

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YOUTH GONE WILD: Hockey Wilderness

Much like McClure (just like livin' in Paradise), I did not see the 3rd period last night. I thought the first two were ok-solid, but I guess I missed a complete collapse. The Hawks have no choice but to build on the first 40 last night, and try and make it 60 tonight.

I love the top line of Marvel, Hossbollah, and the Shooter. I hate the second line with the passion of a thousand suns. If you really want to slot Bolland and Madden down to 3 and 4, then you have no choice but to move Sharp back to center. But Q won't do that. So we'll be forced to suffer through Kris Versteeg losing every faceoff and thus rendering Kane useless because he doesn't have the puck. Please, please put Kane on the other side of Bolland and either Ladd or Brouwer. But I feel like my pleas will fall on deaf ears.

ENOUGH WITH SOPEL AND KEITH. The Hawks want to play at a high pace, and you can't do that when Brent Sopel is gobbling up the most minutes.

I expect Cristobal Huet to start tonight, though I haven't seen it announced anywhere. I will once again be rooting for Cris, not because I want him to grab the #1 job, but just for his own psyche. Plus, Huet having a good game couldn't be bad for anyone.

As for the Wild, it's pretty simple. Their season is over, they've got nothing to play for. Guillaume Latendresse will score, because that's what he does now. But this team is seriously banged up. Old friend Cam Barker, Shane Hnidy, Clayton Stoner, Andrew Ebbett, Chuck Kobasew, and P.M. Bouchard are all going to miss tonight's contest. And this team wasn't very good to begin with. We all know this kind of went balls-up after the el-foldo in January up in St. Paul, but the two games here the Hawks thoroughly thumped Minnehaha. I really expect no less here.

Up up and away, let's go men. We're shovin' right off, we're shovin' right off....again?