Olympic Preliminary Round: Day 5

Well, after a couple very exciting games on Thursday... we kind of got a stinker of a day yesterday. None of the games were really anything to write home about... unless you were Daniel Sedin. He scored the first goal against the Belarus Christmas Explosions and I'm guessing he still writes his mom after every goal. He and Henrik are probably spending a fortune on stamps this year. Latvia almost made it an exciting game against the Czechs but never got the game closer than two goals once the Tomas Kaberle put them up by four. I didn't watch much of the Finland/Germany game but I did see my guy Tuomo Ruutu open the scoring on a very solid Finnish power play squad. He followed that up with a penalty just a few minutes later... and that pretty much sums up Ruutu's career.

The most exciting thing about last night was probably the very real chance that our hero Jeremy Roenick turns to his left and decks Mike Millbury. As much as NBC has screwed up with their hockey coverage this year (and they have screwed it up quite a bit), they've really found a gem in pairing up these two. I don't know what JR has against Milbury but he seems to have a hatred for him normally reserved for Islanders fans.

Today's games don't look to provide much more excitement as the Olympics seem to be taking two days off before we get a blockbuster day tomorrow.  Here we go

2:00 - Norway Vs. Switzerland: So far, these two teams have combined for exactly one point in these Olympics.  This could be an exciting game simply because neither team is really likely to roll over the other.  However, if Switzerland plays like they did against the Canadians then we'll probably see the Swiss grab their first victory... especially if Hiller stands on his head again.

6:30 - Latvia Vs. Slovakia: Yeah... I don't have anything witty to say about these two teams.  Slovakia should get another victory today.  I do think it's funny to hear Doc say that "the Hossas" are coming up the ice.  Granted, Marcel doesn't make opposing goalies shit their pants the way Panda does.. but it's still fun.

11:00 - Zee Germans Vs. Belarus:  Is the Olympic schedule condensed this year too?  Both of these teams played last night and they'll play again today.  Neither team has won anything yet so today will at least break that streak.  In fact, someone should tell the krauts that the tournament has started because they haven't scored a goal yet.  Goal differential matters guys... get on it.