On The South Jersey Shore

Wow, two posts in one day! After reading practice reports today, I'm bordering on apoplectic. Coach Q has tried Kris Versteeg at center at least four or five times over the past two seasons. Most of these experiments have lasted a period or two at most. Why are we doing this again? And why are we pairing him with Kane, who needs the puck? What use will Kane be when he was to watch Steeger over stickhandle and put everyone offisides? What. The. Fuck?

Here's something I was kicking around with McClure while he probably should have been working.  If Q feels the need to shuffle things around (and he quite clearly he feels that like a shark that stops swimming, if he doesn't shuffle lines he'll die), and wants to reconstruct the magic of Bolland-Havlat-Ladd, wouldn't Kane be the closest thing to Havlat?  They both are one-on-one players who would benefit playing with a big body to create space and a puck distributor who constantly gets them the thing.  You could do it with Brouwer on the other side as well.

Frankly, I have no problem with Hossa on the top line, because it's kind of laughable that Hossa isn't on a top line.  If both Toews and Kane are dragging ass, then it probably makes sense to split them up so you don't have one line that's completely out of it.  But Versteeg at center?  This will last all of 30 minutes.

As for the blue line, I did advocate splitting Seabrook and Keith back when Seabrook was a suck-shack (it's a little low play where we can get together...). But since his play picked up, it's pointless. If it has to be done, then Hammer should be paired with Keith, they're your two best d-men. And is Kim Johnsson dead? I'm listing him as dead until further notice.

This all smacks of panic.  And it shouldn't be.  Panic is being down 2-0 in a series headed to the opponents' building.  You still have probably the deepest team in the league.  Patience and getting back to basics would see this team out of it.  I only pray that this doesn't turn the team off of Q even a little.