One For The Road

So in the summer of 2008 I was working an office job that I found to be mindnumbingly dull. OK, so maybe the job wasn't really that dull and I was just awful at it and stopped caring but that's a whole other story. The real story is that I had just really started to discover the wonder of hockey blogs out there. I was reading things like The Pensblog, Mirtle, Melt Your Face Off and of course Puck Daddy and I was bummed out that I couldn't find much writing about the Blackhawks. So I did what anyone would have done - i signed up for a blogspot page and just started writing, even if no one really was reading. Shortly after beginning that site (and please don't go looking for it.. it's truly awful) I was contacted by a guy I never met in person before because he was starting up the blue line again and was looking for a website as well and thought maybe we could team up on this new project.

Somehow all of that, led to what we've got here at SCH and will only improve over at our new site (if there's ever hockey to write about that is). I'm not going to get too long and sappy with this post but I do want to send a huge thank you to everyone at SBN for hosting us and putting up with our nonsense over these past few years, especially Blez who has built an incredible team of people at this network. It wasn't an easy decision to head out on our own when we've been given so much here.

I know we've said it before, but thank you to all of you for reading this drivel too. What makes this site great, other than the award winning journalism, is the community we've all built around a silly little sport like hockey. SCH has the greatest community of any site on this network and I know that will continue with Greg and will be built up on The Committed Indian as well.
Thank you also to McClure and Fels who have become two very close friends. I certainly couldn't have done this without them and would have stopped writing long ago if not for their help.

So now that this is turning into some weird acceptance speech I'm going to cut it off. One last thank you to everyone... See you on the new site. Now go have a beer...