Open Season: Blackhawks 4 - Ducks 1

Early in the first period, some hard work from the Ducks led to Duncan Keith getting a tripping call when he took the skates out from under Corey Perry. In the following two minutes the Ducks had some prime chances but the Hawks, and more specifically Ray Emery had an answer for everything that was thrown at them. They would get a few more chances but when Jamal Mayers picks up his first goal in forever along with an assist from John Scott, that must just be demoralizing. The first period was fairly even though the Hawks seemed to have the edge. In the second period it all broke open though. This is a delayed wrap so lets just get right to the bullets, shall we? We shall.

  • On John Scott - in no way deserving of a star but a pretty decent shift leading up to his fight. Just pushing Brookbank around the crease. I think it was Parros that eventually hooked him and took his legs out leading to Brookbank's crosschecks. After about 12 unanswered punches the ref seemed to tap Brookbank to see if he wanted out..

    In the third Scott almost got several breakaways on Hiller - the comedy gods weren't smiling upon us though as he couldn't handle the puck
  • About the whole 2nd Star thing - It could very well be a shot at us and everyone else who has given them so much shit about their lack of questions regarding his play. I could just picture Kuc singing this as he cast his vote. On the other hand, it could be that they just wanted to give him a nice moment for a game that wasn't too bad. He didn't have any fuck up moments, got his first point of the year (barely.. even the replays don't show the part where he touched the puck) and he got his first fight of the year. Good for him... I hope he enjoyed his moment as the second star.
  • Before the game, Q took the third line aside and told them they needed to do more. I guess that's all it takes, eh? The third line had one of the better games in recent memory. Bolland got hosed on the first goal that was disallowed for questionable reasons but got his own on the power play in the third.
  • Speaking of that goal, what a play by Nick Leddy. He's been improving with every game and the burst of speed to get around Francois Beauchemin's check was beautiful. Fantastic pass to Bolland to finish it off too. Can you really believe the Wild gave him up for Cam Barker? Ouch.
  • Patrick Sharp now has 12 points in the last 8 games. That's the longest consecutive point streak of his career. Something about waking up to change diapers really must suit him. Either that or playing alongside Marian Hossa. Shooter's goal is candidate for Blackhawk's goal of the year so far. You can actually see Toews say "wow" on the bench as they're watching replays.
  • Edzo's rant on the reaction to hard hits stopping the game for fights was spot on. In this case both sides were guilty. First, Jamal Mayers trying to take on Corey Perry after his hit on Kruger and then in the third when Mayers delivered a hit and had to fight Matt Beleskey.
  • It would have been nice for the Hawks to unleash DLR on the power play they got for Beleskey's roughing call (and why is that roughing instead of instigator?) but it was also nice to see that Q felt comfortable enough to send out unfamiliar faces late in the game. Duncan Keith still lead in TOI but thanks to the lopsidedness of the game, he only played 23:53. After so many OT games, that's valuable.
  • The shot total was pretty much even which is surprising given how much the ice seemed to tilt in the Hawks favor. Giving up three power play opportunities will do that though. Another great game by Emery who was already given the nod for tomorrow's game against the Flames.
  • The ice was pretty terrible. Makes me really glad that the NBA season was canceled so we don't have to worry about all those Bulls games making it even worse