Opening Band Is Out Of The Way, Bring On The Headliner

Some of us were hoping that this weekend would see the first of what we hope are a couple moves the Hawks make to alter the roster for this coming season. But that opportunity never really presented itself, so the Hawks went about shaping it for the seasons down the road. Hey, that's what you do at the draft, and now the trade focus over the next week will get that much sharper. But for now, we'll go through what the Hawks rounded out their system with yesterday. We've already reviewed 1st rounder Teuvo Teravainen, who everyone is shocked was there for the Hawks. They didn't even have a nameplate for him on the jersey, such were the low expectations of him being available. You have to wonder about the psyche of these other GMs, who if they have Teuvo rated so highly and then panicked out of him when everyone else started taking blue liners. "Geez, they're might not be any defensemen left, even if I don't need one!" Time will tell if Stan did the right thing by doing what seemed the simple thing, which in a draft can be the hardest thing to do. Sure feels that way, though. Anyway...
Round 2 - Dillon Fournier - D

Fournier sounds like the perfect blue line Bowman draft pick, though he comes with a bit more size at 6-1. He skates well and plays defense more through gap control than physicality, which we know the Hawks like to have. A couple years away from even the AHL though.

Round 3 - Chris Calnan - RW

This one screams a Dave Wanstedt pick, because Calnan made himself known to scouts this year at the combine, where his physical traits tested through the roof. Remember when Wanny kept drafting athletes instead of football players? But that might be harsh on Calnan, another one headed to BC and we know how much the Hawks love BC players. As you may have heard, he's Jeremy Roenick's nephew, and apparently plays like his uncle in that everything is done face-first. Has some scoring talent, but is a long way off. He still has one year at high school left before probably hitting Chestnut Hill, but it's refreshing to see the Hawks have one pick who doesn't need to get stronger or more physical. And isn't an idiot.

Round 5 - Garrett Ross - LW

You are always curious when you google a guy and the first five links are to Such as it is with Ross who is in that magical 5th round where Stan has found some success. An over-aged pick just like Andrew Shaw was, who he fought in junior as well. A linemate of Brandon Saad's at Saginaw, he benefited from Saad's insertion of his foot in everyone's ass. However, jumping from 15 points to 54 points from one season to the next isn't to be sneezed at, and if he has an impressive prospects camp he could actually end up in Rockford. But he's got one year left at junior as well if he wants it.

Round 5 - Travis Brown - D

Apparently the Hawks like to take players who have fought their other prospects, and Brown has danced with Mark McNeil. Another biggie at 6-2, 31 points in his first season in Moose Jaw is acceptable, but this one's a while away.

Round 6 - Vincent Hinostroza

Well you gotta take one local boy, right? Hinostroza is a tiny, playmaking center who just finished up with Waterloo in the USHL. He's off to Notre Dame in a year, and that probably didn't hurt his cause with Bowman or McDonough. Anyway, a lot of work to be done, as centers at 5-9 are...rare.

And then two goalies in Round 7 - Brandon Whitney and Matt Tomkins

Probably just to fill out spots at Prospect Camp next month.