Our Family Is Getting Bigger

As Killion teased last night, we have an announcement to make today.  Every great band occasionally needs to add something to expand their sound.  The Stones have had Bobby Keys playing the same fucking sax solo on Brown Sugar for 30 years now.  Guns N' Roses added the 976-Horns.  Even Nirvana had Pat Smear playing on the In Utero tour.  And so we have come to that point as well.  With McClure and Killion having jobs, and me only able to come up with a coherent thought with the aid of a blow torch and a pair of pliers, we feel we're not quite getting enough material up on this to the degree that you all deserve.

With that in mind, we have decided to make our favorite commenter/Fanposter (no offense to anyone else) GMH, a secondary author to our blog.  As most if not all of you know, GMH is far and away the most gifted writer anywhere on this site, and it's long overdue that we let her off the leash to provide her unique style and work with stats directly to the front page.  The three of us will still handle our normal load of entries, but we feel with the addition of GMH we can add to it in a very productive and fun way.  This way you'll have even more goofiness to waste time at work with.

Welcome aboard, Ms. Gao.  We can't wait to see what you do, and how it will benefit this site.  Most likely, within a matter of months, you'll have rendered the three of us completely useless.