Out Of Town Scoreboard Watching Thread - 3/7

While there's only three games on tonight, and only one of any real import to the Men of Four Feathers, here's a place for you to discuss all the goings on in the standings. SportsClubStats.com tells us that we should be marginally rooting for the Kings against the Stars (9:30 Local) tonight, but more specifically nothing of the 3-point variety. Fortunately there's no way the Hawks can drift in the standings tonight regardless of any of the outcomes, and the Caps and Ning as the 6:00 PM Versus game should be entertaining as well as provide good scouting fodder for the Hawks' next two games after tomorrow night in Sunrise. And I'd suggest watching the Jackets and Blues only if that White Castle/Pabst/Metamucil cocktail you've been downing hasn't exactly been doing its job in establishing regularity. As always use your best judgment in keeping the conversation within the reasonable parameters.