Hawks trade Wiz for Pahlsson

Reports are that it's Wiz to Anaheim for Pahlsson.  I knew that rant would trigger something.

Update:  So it appears it's official, Sami Pahlsson for Wiz and an undisclosed pick.  Initial reaction:  This trade has everyone blowing up at The 300 Level (what doesn't?) and Blackhawk Zone, but I can't get that worked up about it.  For me, you have to separate the idea of James Wisniewski from the reality.  The Idea of Wiz is he's a head-banging, forward crashing nutcase who can join the rush with a big shot and is a tough guy.  The reality is that Wiz is a smallish d-man, who's had multiple knee operations, who does have a big shot but takes forever to get it off and isn't all that accurate when he does, who's been way less physical this year and hasn't fought once.  He was playing on the 3rd pair and had a tendency to be a fire drill in his own end.  So you essenitally gave up a 5-6 d-man.  I love the guy, but I'm not going to be writing heartbroken songs with sing-along choruses at his departure.  He'll be replaced on the PP by Seabrook or Keith, the two of them together on the second unit, and when the PP was lighting up the world is was Biscuit and Dunc on the second unit anyway.  Yes, he was a personality, and easy to root for and love, but as for what was on the ice, I'm sorry, it just wasn't that much.

However, the Hawks didn't get much in return either.  Besides for one hellacious playoff performance, Pahlsson just hasn't been that effective a checking center.  He's negative on +/- and Behind the Net for most years.  It's a guess as to how much checking he'll actually do, as the D-Ladd Soul line has been doing that, and well, and also been the main scoring threat.  Will the they now just concentrate on scoring?  If Pahlsson is going to be the center of a checking line, with what wingers?  Buff?  Brouwer?  Versteeg?  That won't work.  So is he here to just win a draw and get off the ice?  That makes him a glorified Yanic Perrault.  He's a decent PK'er, and that unit could use some help.  All in all, it's not a deal to make one smile, but I don't know if you should kick things either.

Update:  It appears Kontiola may be going as well, and now I don't like this deal at all.  It's clear the Hawks don't like Kontiola, because with a gaping hole at center after the trade of Robert Lang, Konti got all of 3 days at training camp before he was deemed "not the answer".  Konti never got a shot at his natural position under a real coach, and I feel we may come to rue this one.