Parallel Lines: Hawks at Blues Preview/GDT/Turnaround Dance

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VOICE OF THE DAMNED: St. Louis Gametime (but they have serious cooties)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it was a game against the Blues that Coach Q made his Hawks debut, one the Hawks would lose in a shootout. Tonight, Davis Payne (which sounds like and action hero or someone who would wear a dickey with a straight face) will make his debut behind the bench for the Blues against the Hawks. A shootout win would be fine, another 5-1 tonking would be better.

It's no surprise the Blues have axed Murray, this season has been a flaming backyard abortion (of which Blues players have probably caused one or two of. Actually, they seem decent enough to pay for real abortions) for St. Louis. They're 6-13-3 at home, which if you think about it is incomprehensibly awful (and yes, I know the contradiction involved in thinking about something and thus making it incomprehensible. Up yours). Their power play is bad, after being quite good last year. They can't score, the players don't care, and clearly rebelled against Murray. The thinking is obviously that Payne coached most of these guys in Peoria, so he'll be able to get through to them now. What we do know is that the Hawks will see a Blues squad with an extra jump in their step tonight. If they don't, you'll know St. Louis's season is completely shot.

And that's a problem, because the Blues give us heartburn every time we see them. They'll be finishing every check, we'll have to listen to that fucking bell when, and if, they score, and Mason will probably stand on his head because that's that thing he does against us. Unless of course it's Conklin, who does the same thing better against us anyway. For the Hawks team, what can I say? Everything was humming on Thursday, so more of the same, please.

Have at it.