Pick SPG Prize and Updates

Finally, I was able to upload the images of the prize for the winner of the Pick SPG Contest... and here it is...


This lovely wall banner was purchased at HawksQuarters The Blackhawks Store recently and, according to the tag, is a "unique addition to Bedrooms, Dens, Rec Rooms and Offices!".. but you're allowed to put it anywhere you want.. hallways, kitchens, living rooms, doors.  Sorry this picture looks so shitty - my camera sucks

But what's that mark on the white stripe of the banner you ask?


Why that would be the lovely and indescipherable signature of our favorite winger/instigator, VERSTEEG!.  That's right,  I stood in the cold for hours upon hours outside the newly christend Blackhawks Store so you, our fair readers, wouldn't have to.  And even though it wasn't particularly cold this weekend and the wait wasn't really that long, you can all thank me in the comments below.  The banner has been put back into a plastic sleeve and will be awarded to the player with the most points at the end of the regular season on our Pick SPG contest.

How is our contest going you ask?  Well after last night's game we finally have one person in sole possession of first place - congrats so far to chinesebeatle who has a one-point lead over two others in second place.

And guess what else - I finally registered a point!  Fuckin' A!  Thank you to Toews for taking the second period's first shot last night.  Oh and obviously, if by some miracle I end up winning at the end of the year - the banner will go to the player behind me.  But I wouldn't actually worry about that happening - I really suck at this.

If a tie-breaker becomes neccessary, well.. then I'll think of one.  Hopefully it'll be something like "How many games will the Hawks win in the playoffs?"

We're also continuing to add players to our league - Right now we have 29 players which puts us 8 behind the Sharks for 2nd place.  If you haven't signed up yet - don't worry about not being able to catch up.  Several players have had 4 point games and right now, 4 points is good enough for a tie for 3rd place.  So sign up - it's simple and free and you could win a prize.  And who doesn't love prizes?

Oh, and how many of you actually thought the prize would involve VERSTEEG!?  80%?

Here's the top 10 as of now - Good luck to everyone.

chinesebeatle 6 points
adam 5 points
TheKidsCanPlay 5 points
chrome 4 points
SnoConeGod 4 points
Kevin 4 points
isuquinndog 3 points
MikeVanAcker 3 points
Mike 3 points
ChicoMaki 3 points