PICK SPG Update... aka I'm coming for you Chrome!

I figured we haven't taken a look at the Pick SPG standings here on the main page in a while so join me...won't you?

After 13 games, here are the top 10 players:

chrome 15 points
chinesebeatle 12 points
Tobo 12 points
MikeVanAcker 11 points
Mike 10 points
ChicoMaki 10 points
ChicagoKill 9 points
adam 8 points
TheKidsCanPlay 8 points
Kevin 8 points

As you can see - it's still a very close race.  Chrome has been on top for a while but look out - I'm number 7 with a bullet.  There are some interesting strategies that some people have employed - I particularly like people who have picked one player (Like Toews) for every category, every period.  I also love when that strategy works way more than my carefully logical picks.  Nice.  And some people have been picking the Hawks to get shutout every game - what the hell guys?

As for total players - We've got 40 people signed up.. but some of them haven't played a single game yet.  Either way, we're still 3 people behind the Sharks.  So join up if you haven't yet - it's fun and there's still plenty of time to catch Chrome.

Don't forget too - if you have the most points at the end of the regular season - you win this: