Pick SPG Update - And Annoyance

So after last night's "game".. here is the leader board:

chrome 37 points
MikeVanAcker 34 points
Tobo 29 points
ChicoMaki 27 points
jfbrens 21 points
chinesebeatle 21 points
swenny916 17 points
martini 17 points
Donuts 16 points
delorean80 15 points

Chrome is still in the lead but others are close behind him.  Here's the issue though... Lots of people just picking the Will Not Happen option for all penalties and goals.  Which is fine for now, that's an option and most often it pays off pretty well.  Lots of people do it.

Here's a problem though - it's boring as fuck.

It takes some of the fun out of the game in my opinion.  Sure you're more likely to get a point picking WNH than actually getting the right player but it's the equivalent of always betting Red and never taking a chance on any of the more satisfying options. (Come on!  Bet straight up!).

So I'd like to no longer accept points in our little contest that come from the Will Not Happen option.. but I want your opinion on it.  Do you think we should only count points from actual players picked?

I just don't want to see everyone start betting this option and make the game monotonous.  At least 7 people picked straight Will Not Happen for all goals last night.  Lets make this a little more fun.

I won't take any points away from people so far but I'll leave this poll up for a week and let the results determine the game from here on out.

So we can contiue to count points from the WNH option, we can disallow them from now on or a third option is to allow players to pick WNH only once per game (that'll count for goals and shots).  You decide:

What should we do with the "Will Not Happen" option in the SPG Contest?

Points count2
Points don't count7
Players can only pick it once per game21