Pick SPG Update

I've got some good news and some kinda bad news and some other interesting information.

The good news is that the grand prize for our eventual Pick SPG contest winner has been secured.  It's sitting in front of me as we speak... errr... as I type.

The kinda bad news is - I forgot the reader for my memory card and I'm not going to announce the prize until I can show pictures.. so you'll just have to wait.  I'll be able to get pictures up on monday so there's one more game available to get a head start before everyone who hasn't signed up yet jumps on board and tries to win the prize.

The interesting news is that before last night's game we pulled ahead of the Avs fans on the site and are now 4th overall on the site.  This is where it gets harder though.  To overtake the Sharks and put oursevles in 3rd we'll need 12 more people to sign up. Then it'll keep getting harder since the Caps and Leafs have lots of players.

Remember when I said that the game is easy?  Well - after 4 straight games where I haven't gotten a single point I'm going to say the game is fun, simple to play but hard to win.  Rather than having one person run away with first place - we keep getting people pulling even with first, which is only 4 points.  When the first goal in each period is scored by Adams, Buff and Ladd - things are tricky.

One final tip - pick an option in every slot.  If you don't think there'll be a goal in a period, there's an option "Won't happen in this period" and get that right and you'll get a point.  Good luck to you all.

Here's the leader board so far:

chrome 4 points
chinesebeatle 4 points
adam 4 points
TheKidsCanPlay 4 points
SnoConeGod 4 points
isuquinndog 3 points
MikeVanAcker 2 points
Mike 2 points
KrisVersteegsSloppySeconds 2 points
Kevin 2 points