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Pick SPG Updates and a New Poll

With only ten games left in the regular season – there’s only one question that matters… Can anyone catch MikeVanAcker for the first ever Blackhawks Pick SPG contest?

OK – So maybe there’s a couple other questions too but you know what I’m after..

Here are the top ten leaders right now:

MikeVanAcker 78 points
chrome 62 points
Donuts 50 points
delorean80 47 points
Kevin 46 points
martini 42 points
chinesebeatle 39 points
ChicoMaki 39 points
mjkowols 34 points
Mike 34 points

chrome still has a shot but he’ll have to choose wisly from here on out. It’s been a nice game so far this year so I’m looking forward to it again next year when we get a full season and know how to institute more rules..

The banner awaits…


Also, I think we settled the Anthem Cheering debate so I thought we’d move on to a new poll…

Which Hawk would be most deserving of a trophy?

Keith for the Norris 81
VERSTEEG! for the Calder 60
Coach Q for the Adams 35
Ben Eager for Lady Byng 11