Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

The secret has been out now, but I am very happy to be the new warden of Second City Hockey. This has been my favorite Blackhawks site for a long time. Sam, McClure, Killion and the Committed Indian crew are the measuring stick for hockey writing in the city of Chicago. To have them reach out to me to continue the tradition of SCH is a huge honor. I have some pretty big shoes to fill here but am I looking forward to the challenge. I will not be trying to come here and do an "impression" of the old crew. That wouldn't be fair to anyone. I wish nothing but the best to the CI crew as they move on to their own site. I am looking forward to following them on their new endeavor as their insight and knowledge of the game is second to none!
I starting blogging in January of 2011 on my personal blog Smart Ass Mother Pucker. This past January I was asked to take over Blackhawk Up, which was a big step up for me. Being asked to take over SCH and join SB Nation still blows my mind. I started blogging for fun and have a outlet for my creativity. I had no clue that in less than years it would bring me here.

I am still a bit wet behind the ears and learning and improving with every day. I treat my writing as any other craft; there are always new lessons to learn and always room for improvement. I am looking forward to interacting with all of you. I am ready for some "rookie hazing" and some ribbing. I am sure I will write things that some of you will love, some of you will hate and will probably piss off everyone at some point. The discussions between passionate and educated Blackhawks fans is the best feature about this great site. We are all here for the same reason; the love of our Chicago Blackhawks.

I have been watching the Hawks for as long as I can remember. My parents used to go on dates to the Chicago Stadium to watch the Blackhawks in the late 60's. They were season ticket holders for years. They passed down their love of hockey down to both my sister and I. I remember trips to the "Old Barn" as a family and falling in love with the Party Line as a wide eyed child. I suffered through Bill Wirtz trading away the likes of Chelios, Belfour and Roenick and trying to build a team around guys like Mark Bell and Tyler Arnason. I was fortunate enough to get my own season tickets back in 2008-2009 and was able to witness the return greatness this franchise and its loyal fans so richly deserve!

I am very excited to keep up the tradition of Second City Hockey. I am looking forward to the interactions with you guys be them good or bad. I am going assemble a team of writers and contributors here that can keep everyone entertained and involved. I am always open for suggestions. This is a site for the fans and everyone will have a voice here. If you interested in contributing to SCH please send me a message. A site like this is at its best with many different voices, not just the opinions of one person.

I will be reserving all my hockey related Tweets to our Twitter account @2ndCityHockey. You can also follow my personal account @SAMotherPucker. I know it will be hard to win all you over but I will end this first post with some words that should get us off on the right foot: Detroit sucks, the Canucks will never win the Cup and Raffi Torres deserves to be hit by a bus!!