Pleased To Meet Me?: BJs 5, Hawks 3

So, what did you talk about in that meeting, boys?  One of the more infuriating tendencies of the Hawks this season is to not play a full 60 minutes.  So it was tonight, and it cause the bell to toll for thee.  Try another meeting.  Better yet, just play a full game.

It started early, as Vermette scored 45 seconds in on what looked like a pretty soft rebound from Huet.  That wouldn't be the last one.  It's hard to fathom how when playing a team that played a total barn-burner the night before, you wouldn't be salivating to be all over them from the opening bell.  But the Hawks weren't, and weren't very good in the first.  Didn't bother to outwork the BJs -- which is must given the way they play -- and made some silly turnovers.  Things got worse when Huselious was left all alone on a wing, and he simply undressed Huet for Columbus' second.

The problem when you don't play a full 60, is that when you finally do storm the opponent, you're not taking control of the game, merely getting yourself back in it.  So it was in the second.  Seabrook seconds after a power play and Versteeg on one tied the game.  Hitchcock took a timeout, though it didn't have that much effect as the Hawks were still the better team.  But without that margin of error that the poor start had cost them, all that was needed was a bad bounce to put the Hawks back up against it again.  A needless penalty from Barker, a lucky break off Umberger's stick finding Vermette dying of lonliness  on the other side.  3-2.

Again, with the lack of 60 minutes, the Hawks couldn't make any mistakes.  So came one when Keith with what can only be described as a galactically stupid blind pass across the Columbus blue line, which turned into a rush up the ice, which turned into Torres sticking one under Huet, which could be argued he should have had.  Those two goals should have only gotten the BJs back into the game, not taking it away.

The Hawks chipped away, but Kane's goal always felt like a too little too late, and that was confirmed when Nash picked off a lazy VerStud pass for the empty-netter.  Hopefully lesson learned.  Shifts and Corsi.  Get healthy against the Isle.

Player of The Game


We should make it Vermette, but I've never gotten to use this Versteeg pic, so I'm gonna!