Pleased To Meet Us


As mentioned at the end of last night's recap, the three jackasses who comprise this blog are inviting everyone to the Whirlaway on Fullerton for the Hawks-Scum game on Saturday at 2. If you want to shatter your illusions of humanity and see what the three of us are all about, by all means, come on by. We might even buy you a beer. More likely, we'll ask you to buy us one.

Update: This is Matthew(chicagokill) writing now... just in case you wanted a little more info about the Whirlaway without having to go through all the hassle of googling it (you lazy sods) - It's in Logan Square on the corner of Fullerton and Kedzie which looks like this. The Fullerton bus stops right outside the bar and the Logan Square blueline stop is just a few blocks away.

The Whirlaway is also one of my favorite bars in chicago because:
  1. The main bartender/owner, Maria, is one of the nicest women alive.
  2. Maria's son and friend of SCH/CI, Sergio, loves the Hawks so the games are put on one of their two HDTVs anytime I'm in there and probably many times that I'm not.
  3. The walls are covered in pictures of regualrs, so there's pictures of me on the walls of the bar with at least two ex-girlfriends - so a game of "where's matthew and the girls that finally wised up?" can be played during intermissions.
  4. I was actually able to start a "Detroit Sucks" chant in the bar sometime around the 2nd OT in Game 5 of last year's finals. (yes.. I was drunk but it was the 2nd overtime.. what do you expect?