Preseason Game #2: Hawks 1 - Pens 4

Preseason game, I'm not even going to waste brain cells on thinking of a cute headline. Gotta conserve, man. Only so many bullets in the chamber, babies. Anyway, on to some brief thoughts on a game you probably won't remember next week.

-655 comments for a preseason game? You people are sick. But I love you because of it.

-Anyway, only a couple Hawks jumped out to notice. Brandon Saad was one of them, and he's probably leading The Fifth Feather's Derby for most overhyped player who won't make the team. However, I've liked Saad at Prospects Camp, the Rookie Tournament, and now in preseason games. Physical, always in the right spot. We'll keep an eye out for this kid in two years. And we'll obviously follow his numbers at junior in Saginaw.

-A player who actually might matter this season, or more likely next, was Brandon Pirri. A big difference from this time last year. Pirri looks confident with the puck, and was seemingly making something happen. Also looked quite useful on the kill, which I didn't see coming.

-And one who will really matter, Michael Frolik. Obviously the best player the Hawks had, but more than scoring was how he looked on the kill as well. He might get a real runout on the kill this year, and provide a shorthanded threat which the Hawks didn't have as much as we'd hoped last year. Yeah, sure, it was his giveaway that led to the Pens go-ahead goal. But whatever.

-A Matt Cooke goal probably killed McClure. Check back tomorrow in case we're auditioning replacements.

-Ray Emery could have looked better, though at least two of those goals there wasn't much he could do. But he lost himself on the Pittsburgh opener, and looks a little frantic. This is exacerbated because Alex Salak really does look controlled in net. And also opens up a river of Jim Duggan jokes. Nice save, Tough Guy!!! HOOOOOOO!

-If I listened to the Penguins broadcast team for five more minutes, I would be convinced Tyler Kennedy is going to with the Hart this season.

-I think I'm out of adjectives for John Scott. Let's try upchuck-rific.

-I wish I noticed Nick Leddy slightly more than I did, he still seems to eager to defer shooting chances.

-He also banged one off the first set of shin pads he could find, Lepisto missed the net by five feet, and Bickell didn't get in front. Some components are in midseason form.

-Other than that, Lepisto looked solid.

-I like Klinkhammer, and won't worry when he has to fill in a couple games when injuries strike.

Think that's it for the time being. Gone for the weekend. You're in the hands of the ginger, the other bald guy, and the vertical bullhorn.