Principal's Office, Kids

I'll be honest, I don't spend much time perusing the comments on this blog. I don't really have the time or the inclination. That doesn't mean I don't stand completely in line with my compatriots McClure, Killion, and Hack when they try and reign you guys in. And I've been no short of sickened that every time McClure suggests putting everything back on track, he gets insulted and derided. This is not your blog. It is everyone's and from here on out this is how's it's going to be run, and far more forcefully.

Maybe I can flush out what we've been hinting at. When the comments become an open discussion on whatever is on your mind, it becomes a private, boys club discussion that makes others feel unwelcome. Who wants to interrupt what is perceived as a private discussion? Moreover, anyone who tries to contribute is still getting shut down, and that's not going to be tolerated all any more. While we haven't been public when we try and reprimand people, it's going to happen far more often. McClure, Killiion, or I will lock comments if we think they are going in a direction that is not acceptable. If you persist on being insulting, or selfish, or off-point we will boot you. Don't believe us? Try it. Believe me when I tell you that for every one person who has gone over the line we kick to the curb, you will be replaced by five more who were made to feel unwelcome and will enjoy the new-found comfort. I can't tell you how many times when I'm selling the Indian outside the UC someone will come up and say, "I love your blog, but I won't comment." They're out there, and they will happily take your place. Go ahead and test it, you will see.

I cannot abide all of us being called names and shouted down when we try and keep this blog to what we envision. Maybe you don't like it, and I'm sorry, but SB put us in charge and we're going to do with this what we want. Most everyone seems to like that. But I won't sit here and watch it get hijacked by a few people who are under the delusion that they run things around here.

On the flip side, the three of us have always tried to maintain an edgy, borderline prison riot feel around here. That's how we write, and I'm not here to censor every comment. A lot of things we do and commenters do are meant to miss long instead of short. We encourage that. It makes things more fun. It's not for everyone, and I know that occasionally some will get offended. When that happens, we're also sick of people immediately running to tell teacher about what upset them, emailing us. That's going to stop too. Most every commenter here has their email on their profile. If you don't, step up and do so and answer for what you write. Freedom of speech also means having to defend what you say.

We're not going to publicly announce whenever we reprimand someone. That would make things more uncomfortable. But believe us when we tell you it's been happening, and will be happening more often. That doesn't mean we want some group-think, one note blog. We encourage discussion and debate. We want you to disagree with us, it makes for a more lively place.

But the private discussions, the name calling, the shouting down, that's over.

We love this blog. I know we are so proud of what we've created here. It provided a laugh when we need one at times, and provokes thoughts that we didn't have. Most of all, it's fun. But when it's not fun, why are we doing this? We don't get paid, so what would be the point?

Let me reiterate: There are some things we're just not going to tolerate any more. No more rambling threads, no more insulting us when we try and run our blog as we see fit. Secondly, there are some things we don't have to joke about, such as sexism or religious or political slants, or federal crimes I may or may not commit. Rape jokes are for sure the fuck out of here. They're not funny in any way. I hated them when I was a comedian and that hasn't changed now.

Grow up, kids. This isn't a playground. We give you such loose guidelines to follow, it just can't be that hard. When you're upset, deal with those who upset you instead of telling mommy to take someone's dessert away. If you can't follow these simple rules, then honestly, leave. You won't be missed. Try me.

And the comments for this post are locked. If you won't follow our rules, then you'd better get used to that.