Puck Daddy on John Madden

I asked Puck Daddy, Greg Wyshynski, from Yahoo's Hockey blog, and one of the bigger Devil fans around, to tell Hawks fans what they're getting in John Madden.

When you think about the kind of checking center the Chicago Blackhawks should have, it's pretty much John Madden. Tenacious player. Total rink rat whose ass-hauling over the years has kept him in the League and eventually turned him into one of the best shutdown guys in the it. He'll Commit To the Indian.

That said, there are concerns. He overstayed his welcome in Jersey, and the dynamic duo of Madden/Pandolfo wasn't as dynamic as the years when they gave Jagr night terrors. His offensive output dipped -- just awful at converting the chances he had. But I suppose the fact he had them was something for a checking center.

You overpaid for one year of a fourth liner with two Stanley Cup rings. But if he regains his form from two years ago, you're going to love him.