Puke-Tastic: Blues 2, Hawks 0

So I'm told a game thread got pretty nasty, I'm not even going to bother to look at it.  I'll just thank Gametime for stoking this fire.  Whatever gets you through the day, kids.  I'll also apologize for the delay in getting this up, but I'm still trying to figure out if I'm hungover or still drunk (did I just blame something else on my drinking problem?  Sure did!  Did I just ask a question and answer it myself?  You betcha.  Does that make me a jackass?  Yeah-huh)

But really, what did you want me to say here?  You know the Hawks were awful, I know the Hawks were awful.  Not only was the bus running, they played as if they were going to have to chase it down Madison.  Obviously, they heard, "They need the break badly," enough that they bought into it heavily.

When am I allowed to give up on Dustin Byfuglien?  I know what they see:  a big winger who's a better than average skater for that size, with a big shot and occasionally good hands.  But we see it all together so rarely, and most of the time he's driving me to drink (count it!)  Let's see what Skille can do in that role, I guarantee he'll be more physical.  and let's see what Buff looks like in Thrasher Blue or Stars green or something.

After hanging Campbell out to dry in the Indian, I thought he had a real strong 1st period, really pushing the play and jumping in.  Then that went away when the rest of the team did.  A flash is better than nothing, I guess.

But that's enough.  We all need a break.  Some point this weekend Matt and I will do a mid-term review, and in the next day or two I'll post January's Committed Indian issues.  Till then, I'll need water.