Q May Be Having A Tenuous Relationship With His Marbles...

Was waiting for practice to finish, so let's get down to what's going on...

-Big news is Brian Campbell is out 7-8 weeks, unless it doesn't heal right or something and surgery is needed. I'm still scarred from the Chelios Numbed Balls incident in '96, so I don't trust anything the Blackhawks medical staff has to say. Anyway, that timetable puts Soupy in contention for the second round, and certainly the 3rd if the Hawks get so far. The news could have been worse, for sure.

-In response, the first signs point to Joel Quenneville losing is fucking mind.  We chortled when we saw in the comments some suggesting moving Buff back there.  But where was he in practice today?  RUNNING WITH THE D-MEN.  I cannot stress how much of a disaster this could be.  Despite his once a game, circle-the-outside rush, Byfuglien is not a puck-handler.  Has he completed a pass this season?  He moves laterally with all the quickness and smoothness of a refrigerator.  He hasn't played the position in two and a half seasons.  Whatever positional sense he may have had -- and it's debatable whether there was any -- certainly has collected enough dust to choke a horse.  Please spare us from this horror.

-Huet has the flu, didn't practice today, and won't start tomorrow.  Crawford is being called up, and one thinks that Niemi may get both of these games.  Cris is running out of games and time to build on a very solid effort in Philly, so please get well soon.

-Johnsson was not on the ice either, but Hossa was. Nick Boynton (#24 in your programs, #1 in your hearts) looks certain to make his Hawks debut tomorrow. So after Marlboro 72 you'll have pairings of Hammer-Hendry and Sopel-Boynton possibly. FUN FUN FUN!!!

-The Second Episode of our podcast, Live From The Five Hole, will be posted tonight or possibly tomorrow.  It depends if Kills can find time from his dinner parties and flamingo lessons to join us.

-Don't forget our viewing party Saturday at The Bottom Lounge (1375 W. Lake st.), or at least the four of you who aren't actually headed out to Phoenix that weekend.