Quick Links

  • Huet is getting frustrated about his playing time.  But as the guys at Fifth Feather pointed out... we don't really care.  I'd hope to not see him start against the Sharks but with back-to-back games this weekend - Huet is sure to get a start in.
  • Eager has been playing well in his new roll with Buff out - and people are taking notice.  However do you really think Bolland called him "big Byf" or did the bright one decide to come up with a new nickname. We understand though, Byfuglien is hard to spell.
  • Second City Hockey is proud to endorse Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley for Rahm Emanuel's congressional seat.  We know fuck all about his politics - but you might remember Quigley as the fine public servant who tried to dedicate January 1st as "Chicago Blackhawks Day" and make Wrigleyville an "Octopus Free Zone" while including the message "DETROIT SUCKS" in a resolution back in July.  DId that ever pass?
    None of us are surprised to see Sopel pretty high up there on The Forechecker's Least Valuable Player rankings.  He could be selling himself short though - he's way less valuable than Zdeno Chara.
  • The Blues and Leafs realized that they both really suck so they decided to switch things up.  Lee Stempniak goes to Toronto in exchange for Carlo Colaiacovo and Alex Steen.  So the boys are St. Louis Game Time better get used to writing Colaiacovo which is almost as big of a pain in the ass to write as Byfuglien.  Oh - and the Blues might have gotten hosed here but only time will tell./