A final thought.

Nearly put together a “Blackhawks Misery Index” article this week but decided against it because there’s really no competition: this was the most miserable Blackhawks season I can recall, for reasons both on and off the ice which we will absolutely not be diving into right now.

No, at this moment, I just wanted to share a quick word of thanks for everyone involved with this place for the last seven months.

Thanks to Mil, Shepard and L_B_R for their work and for their camaraderie. It felt like we were shouting at the rain most of the time this season but it was still fun to gather weekly for our potentially award-considered podcast which remains the best food-themed hockey podcast on the Internet — or something like that.

And a massive thanks to everyone who visited this site or read an article or left a comment or listened to a podcast or traded tweets with us. The whole idea behind this site, for me, was to have a place to talk about this team we all enjoy. Hopefully they give us a reason to do more than just hurl obscenities next season.

We’ll take the weekend to regroup and start recapping things on Monday. See you then.