R.I.P. - Blackhawks Goalie Debate: July 1, 2008 - March 25, 2010

- As mentioned in the wrap last night and just about every other blog confirms, Cristobal Huet has just about ruined any chance he had of taking over a starting role for the Blackhawks this year. We thought last year was rough on Cris but this season has just been downright brutal. Missing a few practices and games due to the flu before getting his start certainly didn't help but there's no excuses for his play. Of the 43 eligible goalies in the NHL right now, Huet is ranked 41st overall in SV%. He's ahead of only Pascal Leclaire and Vesa Toskala... not great company to be in at all.

There's nothing more we can really add.  Barring a buyout or a trade in the offseason - we're still stuck with Huet for two more years.  We'll probably get into this a lot more in the offseason so for now lets hope that Niemi can take the reins.  Right now, Al Cimaglia has a good article up on the topic.. so please go read what he has to say.

- While a lot of the blame is on Huet, and perhaps rightfully so, almost the entire team gave up last night.  The radio team mentioned it a few times, but it's an ugly trend from this team to roll over when facing a bit of a struggle.  Whatever happened to that team that steamrolled back over Calgary?  Lets hope we see more of that once the games start to matter more...

- I haven't really ventured into the game thread from last night too much but I'm seeing it got a little ugly at times.  I hate to put in another plea for peace.  We're all Hawks fans here so lets treat each other with some respect.  This is a reminder to both regulars and new people to the site... just try to keep it all civil.

- Even with the embarrassment on the ice last night, the Hawks clinched a playoff spot with the Flames loss.. so we've got that going for us.

- Want some cheering up - then watch the trailers for either Iron Man 2 or Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World... both these movies look awesome.